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The Woman Behind the Vision

Keitra Brooks, affectionately known as The Jill of All Trades, is a corporate trainer, business woman and Plunder Jewelry Stylist.  She is all about blazing her own trail and finding success through determination, a vision for new products, and a desire to see others succeed. Keitra is married to her high school crush and is a girl mom x3.

Growing up, her Mom had a side-hustle planning events (of course it wasn’t called a side-hustle then), and her Great-Aunt ran a catering business.  Needless to say, she saw the ins and outs of planning events, but her favorite thing was seeing the reactions of the event hosts!  She knew it was a calling on her life, so it only felt right for her to carry on the legacy.​

Keitra created Manifested Visions out of a passion to help and serve others.  Since its beginning in March 2015, Manifested Visions has quickly evolved from Wedding and Event Planning Business to a multi-faceted business offering custom T-shirt creation, graphic design services, custom gifts, embroidery, sublimation, and more... We believe everyone can dream up a design for an event or gift, but it takes special training and passion to bring it to life for others to see and appreciate.  We are here to help families, couples, individuals, and private and public organizations represent the very essence of who they are through their events and visual design solutions.

KBrooks The Visionary

At Manifested Visions we’re committed to creatively generating authenticity through the power of vision.  So, let us make your visions reality!

The Family Behind the Vision

The Mission & Vision of Manifested Visions

At Manifested Visions Events & Design, we empower individuals and organizations to express their unique identity through creative design and thoughtful event planning.  Leveraging our expertise in embroidery, graphic design, custom apparel, and event decor and coordination, we transform your dreams into tangible experiences.  We are dedicated to helping you represent your authentic self in the most memorable and impactful ways possible.  Our mission is rooted in three core values: Authenticity, Reliable Expertise, and Consistent Satisfaction.

Manifested Visions is devoted to setting the gold standard for personalized design and event solutions that resonate with the soul.  We aspire to be the go-to destination for those seeking to manifest their visions into awe-inspiring realities, transcending the ordinary through the power of creativity and authenticity.

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