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The Woman Behind the Vision

Hi there!  I'm Keitra Brooks, the woman behind the vision at Manifested Visions Events and Design.  I am married to my high school crush, Jayvein, and together we have 3 beautiful daughters: Kayla, Denver, and Kourtni.  Born and raised in North Little Rock, AR, I've always been enchanted by the magic of events, inspired by my mom's knack for event planning and my Great-Aunt's catering prowess.  My business is a way of continuing their legacy - with a modern twist.

Growing up, my Mom had a side-hustle planning events (of course it wasn’t called a side-hustle then), and my Great-Aunt ran a catering business.  Needless to say, I saw the ins and outs of planning events, but my favorite thing was seeing the reactions of the event hosts!  As I grew older, I knew that I possessed those same skills, so it only felt right for me to carry on the legacy.​

I created Manifested Visions out of a passion to help and serve others.  Since its beginning in March 2015, Manifested Visions has quickly evolved from Wedding and Event Planning Business to a multi-faceted business offering custom T-shirt creation, graphic design services, custom gifts, embroidery, sublimation, and more... I believe everyone can dream up a design for an event or gift, but it takes special training and passion to bring it to life for others to see and appreciate.  I am here to help families, couples, individuals, and private and public organizations represent the very essence of who they are through their events and visual design solutions.

KBrooks The Visionary

My ultimate mission is to transform your vision into a reality that not only looks spectacular but also feels deeply personal.  So if you're dreaming of an event or custom item that is a true reflection of you, let's chat and make it happen!

Authenticity in Every Detail, Excellence in Every Moment!

The Mission & Vision of Manifested Visions

At Manifested Visions Events and Design, we are dedicated to bringing your unique events to life with unmatched expertise and a personal touch.  Our mission is to blend creativity with precision in wedding and event planning, embroidery, graphic design, and custom creations, ensuring every detail reflects your vision and style.  We strive to make every moment memorable, providing a seamless, stress-free experience that exceeds expectations. 

Our vision is to be the leading choice for clients seeking innovative, personalized event planning and design services.  We aspire to set industry standards in creativity, quality, and customer satisfaction, continuously evolving to meet and anticipate the needs of our clients.  Manifested Visions aims to create not just events, but lasting memories that embody the uniqueness of each client.

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